Elize About Life // Please continue to ignore my baby on board badge

Please continue to ignore my baby on board badge…

Today I am just a little over 16 weeks pregnant and my disappointment with London commuters are growing daily.

I remember when I was in early pregnancy. I had the most terrible morning sickness which lasted pretty much all day. But I felt guilty for wearing the badge as I wasn’t “showing”, so I didn’t start wearing it until I was 12 weeks pregnant. On a busy rush hour commute I would stand for the whole journey because I felt bad for asking someone to give up their seat for me, feeling faint and ready to pass out any minute. Now thinking back, I don’t know why I tortured myself like that.

These baby on board badges were launched by Transport for London in 2005 to let commuters know that a woman is pregnant without any akward conversations, but frankly people really don’t take much notice of them, especially when you are not heavily pregnant. But I can most definitely say that if I were to stand for long periods of time on a train now, my whole body and feet hurts at the end of my journey, despite having a strong body from working as a holistic massage and beauty therapist for the last 15 years.

Courtesy costs nothing and in my opinion a baby on board badge should be a clear indication that, unless declined, a seat should be offered to expectant mums. So please next time when you see a lady with a baby on board badge on your commute, offer your seat, she will be grateful that you have.

~ Elize ~

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