Elize About Life // A new year but nothing new

As we start the new year, one sees the usual scope of “new beginnings” It’s a new year and for many it means starting fresh, driving oneself into a “new me”. Geared for new beginnings on 1 January, we are determined to make some big, positive changes, but by the end of January all those big plans have failed or have been put on the back burner.

At the start of the new year especially, many people think to find a new job. To me this is a useless approach to moving forward in one’s career. Why wait until the new year to leave a job you dislike? Look at me, I quit my job In June of 2016. Smack in the middle of the year. And I went on to do what I should have done a long time ago – start my own business.

A new year is just the start of a new calender, not the start of new beginnings. My new beginnings started in the month of April, not on January 1st. You can make your resolutions anytime, but first you have to come to a decision to fully implement it, stick to it and make it work.

~ Elize ~

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