Elize About Life // Happy New Year

As we approach the last hours of 2017, one can’t help but reflect on your year.

Thank you for those that love me and that I love, may we continue to fill each other’s lives with light. For those that tried to pull me down, thank you for being the ultimate push I needed to get away from denying myself happiness.

A new year does not define new beginnings, it’s just a calender.

Continue to make positive changes in your life, pursue your dreams, work on your personal development – it begins with YOU.

I hope that you find true clarity. And that you will also reach that “F@ck this shit moment” like I have and shift layers of self doubt, negative self talk and stop letting others rule your opinion about yourself.

I hope that you recognise that you are made of much tougher stuff than you have ever given yourself credit for.

Don’t let 2018 just be another 12 months, make it your goal to continue growing into the beautiful and free person that you are in the years to come.

God bless you all.

~ Elize Endhart ~

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