Elize About Life // Your mind is a powerful thing

I used to be one of life’s most negative people. No honestly, I was! I would always be pessimistic, expecting the worst, already preparing myself that everything will go wrong. I was negative about people, about my job, my circumstances, but most of all, negative about myself. That little voice in my head telling me “you are no good”, “you will never achieve your dreams”, “you’re not smart or savvy enough”, “you are not as pretty and slim as that other girl so people will not take notice of you”…

Fast forward almost 2 years since CBT, I have learned a great deal about our though patterns and how they implicate or lives. And truthfully, while I was filling my head with negativity, I was also very much surrounded by it.

I have been through phenomenal changes in the past few years, some that I cannot begin to express. Since my thought patterns have changed, and thus my level of positivity, an enormous shift started happening. I began to fill my mind with positive thoughts. That positivity started to fill my whole being. My family and friends started noticing it too. And so my life started changing too.

We attract and become what we think, that is how powerful the mind is. And unless we are prepared to rewire our minds and thoughts, we may forever be stuck in the same hole, depriving ourselves of happiness.

Are you ready to fill your mind with powerful positivity?

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