Elize About Life // It’s OK to be happy where you are

“Ever feel like there’s too much pressure to be, do, show up, get ahead? But for what, for who, and where’s the hurry coming from? I’m tired of seeing women burn out trying to ‘make it’, trying to compete and stay ahead, and feeling they aren’t doing enough for their partners, their families, their careers” ~ Natalie Edwards

Over the past 6 weeks I have encountered many hurdles, objections, tears, hurt, happiness, upbeat moments and excitement. My emotions were fluctuating while I was trying to understand these new worlds I am entering. I went from a full time, well paid job to going back to being a therapist as a beauty temp, doing my mobile work and navigating a network marketing business, all the while trying to pay attention to my writing. Needless to say, I became overwhelmed and started hating everything I was doing.

I had a very interesting conversation with someone the other day about this exact topic – the fact that we are so conditioned to show up to a job every day, work hard to be successful, achieve more, make more money, desperate for some time off to live a little, but yet we are busy busy busy…

I am incredibly guilty of wanting to be on the move all the time.  I have things to do, a future to plan for, plan for our future kids, plan to be financially stable in future. To a certain extent, yes, we must be prepared for the future and I am a great believer of it. But perhaps, while we scurry like mice through our days collecting things for our “winters”, what happened to just being happy with where we are now?

I often times feel a little overwhelmed by my huge to do list. Often times I have that need to just finish everything, put my feet up and not do anything. Then again, where is the fun in having nothing left to work towards?

This is why it’s so important to live in the moment that you are now, because that is where life’s little pleasures and special moments really lies. Those little happy moments, that spending time with your partner and kids, baking a cake or watching rubbish TV. We are so determined to just make it to our future that we will work our life away before we get a chance to enjoy it.

I love this paragraph from Natalie Edwards:

“…can you drop into trusting right now that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? There’s nothing to do, no one to impress, nowhere to go. This journey that you might have been fooled into thinking that you can completely control, is most certainly something that you can’t. It’s about you, no one else, and your job here is to be yourself, take good care of yourself, and fall more deeply in love with the present reality that you have bravely created.”

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking that you aren’t quite in the position to live your life this way, but maybe, just maybe, today is a good day to start. As cheesy it may sound, live for the moment, be happy with where you are right now. Tomorrow gives us a new day with new challenges and hurdles, but still we can be happy to be in the moment of the beautiful things that are set out in our lives, plan for our future yes, but enjoy the moments that will pass.

~ Elize ~

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