Elize About Life // Why do we lose our patience?

This morning on my way into work, I felt relaxed. It was a lovely bank holiday weekend. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to grab this week by the horns. Until I got to the train station….

…I didn’t have enough credit on my travelcard, my contactless card didn’t work, the machine to top up my travelcard had a debit card stuck in the card slot and the travelcard counter wasn’t able to help me. After running up and down frantically for 15 minutes, I lost my patience, told everyone around me how ridiculous it all is and chucked my bag to the side out of utter frustration. Finally my husband was able to help me with his card and I could get my travelcard topped up.

Now sitting on the train, I am wondering to myself why I started feeling so angry about it all.

It is because it messed with my morning routine.

It conflicted with the smooth flow of my day.

It made me and my husband miss our train.

It made me worried that I will be late for work.

I was annoyed with myself for not being prepared for my commute.

It basically messed with my “Zen”

This got me thinking as to how we as people sometimes judge someone for losing their patience. But the reality is that sometimes we don’t know or understand what it may be that is causing them to respond to situations like they do.

The thing that we have to work on is to understand our deeper being and what it is in a situation that ultimately makes us react a certain way. And do things differently next time.

It was never a reflection of the people I had to talk to this morning, but a reflection of myself and how I dealth with the situation. I had a choice to stay calm but I didn’t. 

This is where mindfulness comes in. Being mindful of our behaviour, thinking patterns, coping mechanisms is all pivotal with how we deal with out everyday lives. It is that consciousness on how we deal with things in life, how we treat ourselves and others around us. Mindfulness takes practice and concious effort, it doesn’t change overnight.

Now with my coffee in my hand and mental calmness, I will proceed to my day not chewing on this any longer.

Be mindful today of the things that messes with your mental flow and positive energy and challenge it to fall into a place of alignment with yourself.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

~ Elize ~

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