Elize About Life // Never doubt yourself

In a day and age of competition between human beings, I want to tell you today that the mad rush to your successes are well worth it. It is all about being consitent and letting go of self doubt, negative self talk and hanging by the opinions of others. You are far more capable of achieving your goals and dreams, you just have to believe it. Take it from someone like me. There was a time that I thought little to nothing of myself – it’s hard to be like that right? To compare yourself to others all the time. To feel like you have to fight for others approval when in reality their approval doesn’t matter. What matters is that you follow what your heart calls you to do and stick it out through all the rejection, insults and bad mouthing you have to endure from others. At the end of the day it was never about them, but always more about you.

Sending lots of positive vibes to you all today. Stay strong and believe in yourself šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

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