Elize About Life // Overwhelm

I wanted to share this thought with you today because it resonates so much with what my life was like before. It took depression, anxiety and shedloads of personal baggage to realise these exact words and understand it with complete clarity.

Do you feel overwhelmed lately? Do you feel like you have too many things stressing you out? Only two months ago I felt like that. It’s not because I wasn’t having fun with all my projects. It was because I was spending too much time on too many things that didn’t strengthen me in the areas where I needed to be strong and focused. Call me miss busy body. Both my dad’s have given me names for always being too busy being busy.

Today I want you to take a look at the things in your life. Those things that you feel overwhelmed with. Are they doing you any good? Is it good for your health? Does it make you happy? Do you feel in control of your life? If you say yes to all these questions, then you must be some kind of super freak 😉

So go and think about it. The things that you are spending your time with – does it strengthen you? Does it bring out the best in you? Or are you feeling anxious, restless and even listless like I was feeling just 2 months ago?

~ Elize ~

#foodforthought #findyourstrength #dumptheoverwhelm #happymedium

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