Elize About Life // When it’s time to move on

A week ago I made a decision, one that I don’t regret at all. The time to move on from my job was actually waving at me for nearly 9 months. I am not leaving because of one reason, I have many reasons, but the one thing that finally pushed me to come to this decision was the desire to move on to greater things.

I’m very experienced in my line of work and I have worked in so many different areas of the beauty industry. I love it and I hate it. It’s been a job that helped me to make a difference to people’s lives, just by caring for them and treating them with affection, but I also hated it because as much as my clients loved me, I have never been given enough room by my bosses to really make a difference. At some point I developed this desire to be more, to achieve more. I have dreams and aspirations, ambitions and creativity and I can’t do it as long as I stay where I am. So a week ago I took the step up and I handed in my notice.I don’t regret my decision…

There is a world full of opportunities and I have to go look for them…

Sometimes there are things holding us back from making a career move. We easily curl up in our comfort zones, we may feel a little lazy looking for work or sometimes you just stay because you have to pay the bills…or…maybe you don’t feel like you would be good anywhere else, that you won’t be as good at your job if you go somewhere else, you simply don’t feel confident. I can tell you that it is normal to feel this way, because I have felt this way too. And it took for me to take part in a course of life coaching sessions, where my life coach helped me to recognise my qualities as an employee, my worth as a human being, to think back about my achievements (and oh boy have I achieved a lot more than what I had given myself credit for) to finally get me to realise my potential and what I have to give to any organisation I work for.

I am holding my head up high because I am very good at what I do, and I say it with pride. If you have to wait for people to acknowledge it, like your managers or bosses, you may wait forever. So realise your own potential and focus on just how awesome you are at what you do. And the rest will follow naturally…it did for me.


17 June 2016

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