Elize About Life // Career change

August 2016

For about 9 months since October last year I had quite a difficult time deciding what I want to achieve with my career. A lot of things were holding me back as I hit a brick wall of self doubt and low self esteem. I became lacklustre with little and often no motivation to give my all to my job. I was frustrated how things that were working well before, suddenly became disrupted (Don’t mend what is not broken!) and I could never really pinpoint what these things were until I really started digging deep into why I felt as demotivated as I did and what made me ultimately reach the point of screw this, I am far better than putting up with this shit. 

Yep, there is actually a thing called the quarterlife crisis as often talked about by my life coach Alice Stapleton. It was articles like this one here on her website that made me realise that it was time to leave. 

Ok, so every workplace has it’s politics, but if your work environment becomes so toxic to you as an individual (and no-one else) and delivers absolutely nothing for your personal development and career aspirations, then the simple truth is to move on. It’s a shame that we sometimes hold on for dear life hoping things will improve, but if after a lengthy time of fighting it, knowing that it’s not getting any better, why stick around? It’s cheesy to say this, but the truth is that the world is an oyster and there are many opportunities out there (just as I have discovered in the last few weeks) Somewhere along the lines comes more options to choose from and opportunities that you would never imagine in your wildest dreams will cross paths with you.

Yes, there is hope for beauty professionals. We often get told that there is nothing beyond being a beauty therapist, heck I have even been told by close relatives and friends in the past that there is nothing beyond it. But look where I am today. You have to be prepared to work hard and to also get noticed, somewhere someone will recognise you and your talents. Until then, don’t be shy to show what you are made of. Don’t be arrogant, but don’t allow being undermined. It is such a skilled job and it takes such special talent and training to do what you do. You are the expert and experts are knowledgeable about their trade. As soon as you recognise your worth as a person and professional, you won’t stand back anymore.

Live for your dreams and work hard to achieve them. You will see the results of your efforts. Every day I wake up and realise this more. From being weak with no confidence, I transformed into a stronger caracter and a “go getter”. Who would have guessed? You can do it too. Trust me.

~ Elize ~

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